Hi! I’m

Nico Tovar

Full-stack Wordpress Engineer

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Nico is great at teamwork. He’s always willing to answer questions and help with any problems. He’s organized, keeps the important information in a place where it’s easy to find and share.”


Project Manager

Nico’s versatility, attitude, and technical skills made him an integral member of the retainer team. He is always in high demand. Whenever there is a particularly difficult issue or challenge that arises, there were four words that you’d hear quite often: “put Nico on it.”

Chris S

Manager/Tech Lead

He suggested an improved PR process that helped us all better understand proposed solutions, allowing us all to benefit from his knowledge.” 


Solution Architect

The way Nico was able to jump into the project and adapt to the new framework shows that he is a self starter” 

Cristian L.

Project Manager