Vestis Hero


This project was proposed as a Headless WordPress that would use Angular in its version 16 and WordPress as a headless server using GraphQL.

How do we achieve this? For this we use the services of WP VIP that would provide us with a fast, secure and simple WordPress instance, VIP also offers us a node server to be able to host our front end there.

One of the essential tools for this project is ACF in which we would use instances of Gutenberg blocks as a page builder. In this way, we would build custom types in GraphQL that would allow us to make requests from the Front-end for the rendering of Gutenberg blocks based on JSON objects that would arrive from the WordPress server. In this way, all the content would be dynamic. Furthermore, with the aim of optimizing the dynamic rendering process, we set out to build a lazy loading system in which we only imported into main.js the components that are needed on the current page.


This project turns out to be quite complex due to the new ways in which we had to innovate to deliver an effective and manageable product to the client.