LTS Sexshop Hero

LTS Sexshop


This is definitely one of my most ambitious projects. It was carried out for a client from Colombia who is known for being one of the most prestigious sex shop franchises in the country. They wanted to make a leap in their level of virtual sales and we helped make it real (and a huge leap).

The basics: this is a Woocommerce store. Although Woocommerce encourages us to use its templates almost as a standard, the most skilled developers can create a new form of customization that is not affected by future updates. Yes, in this project we did not overwrite a single Woocommerce template (don’t do it, it’s bad practice).

In this project you will see that the single product page, the shopping cart and the checkout are completely custom. Our main tools were: a very intelligent use of JQuery and Js in general, a recursive use of WordPress and Woocommerce hooks and APIs, and full CSS.

The most notable features: We have a points system, a kind of cashback whose rules are completely custom, points are accumulated every time the purchase is completed, for this the user must be registered.

We no longer have to be stuck with the boring user account screen, our designers allowed us to do something more interesting and we carried it out:

The checkout and the cart are in the same place, but the checkout appears once the cart is confirmed. We no longer wanted the usual boring and standard form, our client needed something more robust to specify the addresses and that’s what we did. Yes, all with the power of Woocommerce, which essentially gave us a reliable server and very easy to manage on the administrator side.

It took months of development, but the final product was incredible and our client was very happy.