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MGH Apollo

This is one of the most complex and fun projects I have ever worked on. It is a monolithic project, but multisite. Unfortunately the site is not publicly live, since it is a private site, or rather, an intranet for one of the most important hospitals in Boston. There the members of this company could find different updates, events, reserve rooms, etc. And yes, we did everything with WordPress!

The basics: each department of the hospital would have its own CMS space (that’s why we decided to make it multisite). So each department controls its own content. That brings me to the content: our magic tool is ACF, which for some versions now supports Gutenberg blocks! With this we give a much more useful visualization to our page editor.

Other features: We use the Events Calendar plugin, which we integrate into our templates through a custom post type.

To reserve rooms we use the Booking Calendar plugin. This feature was great because unfortunately the form builder of this plugin is very basic and very inflexible and our client needed something more robust. The solution? We integrate Ninja Forms with Booking Calendar. In this way we use the internal API of Booking Calendar to create reservations programmatically, once the forms were built and customized both in design, a11 and styles were sent, a very advanced and robust logic would ensure that each form was associated with a space created in Booking Calendar and voila…reservation made!

First component (calendar with Booking Calendar)

Second Part with Ninja Forms Plugin:

This is what the admin sees when a new request is send:


SearchWP plugin also helped us a lot, because we need to do a global search, what does that mean? Well, as I said, we needed a multisite site, but unfortunately search engines only work locally (they only search a subsite), so we created a functionality that allows us to search absolutely all sites, indexing results from all of them. Just to clarify there were more than 100 subsites.

A project to frame, worthy of its name like the great GREEK GOD.


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