Wasabi Hero


Wasabi is one of my most important projects. It is a marketing site in which we manage to adapt and achieve a robust and very organized content architecture.

One of the things that makes Wasabi memorable is that it was one of the first projects where we decided to ditch JQuery as our customization library and use Vanilla JS or < ECMAScript 6.

Building and maintaining Wasabi was a fun and very creative task, since we used a field-based pagebuilder that needed to be as clear as possible. However, one of the most striking things was the use of a plugin called WP Multilanguage. This feature makes it clear by itself what the importance of this client is, since he comes from Japan! (Hence WASABI).

Wasabi has THOUSANDS (I’m exaggerating) of custom post types and has some embedded React components, which makes it very interesting.

React embedded:

It was a challenge and will always be in my favorite projects.